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Tai-Tech Inductors

TAI-TECH Advanced Electronics Co., Ltd. manufactures power inductors in Taiwan. The company offers SMD type and dip type high current power inductors; EMI suppression filters, including ferrite chip beads, ferrite chip bead arrays, and chip common mode choke coils; ferrite cores; SMD type power inductors; hearing aid inductors; and wireless power charging and NFC products, such as PTX/PRX and NFC/NFC-F products. It also provides chip coils/inductors comprising chip coils for general use; SMD type chip power inductors; SMD type chip coils for high frequency use; and SMD type coils power inductors. The company offers its hi-current and SMD type power inductors, chip coils/inductors, chip common mode choke coils, and ferrite chip beads for automotives. TAI-TECH Advanced Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975 and is based in Yangmei, Taiwan

The Company primarily provides coil components and chip components. Its coil components include precision coil components, including ferrite precision coil inductors, high frequency precision coil ceramic inductors and others, as well as power inductance components. Its chip components include laminated wafer magnetic beads, multilayer chip inductors, laminated wafer type power inductors, low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) radio frequency components and modules. The Company also provides magnetic materials and other inductor components. The Company distributes its products primarily in Asia, Europe and North America.