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Wurth Elektronik Midcom Inductor – Passive Components

Wurth Electronics is a manufacturer of passive components such as inductors and EMC-components. Inductive components includes ferrites, ferrite beads, inductors, common-mode chokes, transformers, and connectors.

The Würth Elektronik group of companies, with headquarters in Niedernhall (Hohenlohe), Germany. The headquarters is situated in the south of Germany from where many of Wurth’s products take their way to customers all over the world.

January 2007, Wurth Electronics announced the acquisition of Midcom Inc. Midcom Inc. is one of the world’s top producers of telecommunications transformers.

Würth Elektronik Signal LEDs
Würth Elektronik SMD High-Current Coupled Inductors WE-CFWI
Passive Components
    Chip Antennas
    EMC / RFI Suppression
    Audio & Video
    Connector Accessories
    Connector Contacts
    D Subminiature
Connectors & Components
    I/O Connectors
    Memory Sockets
    Modular Connectors
    PC Board Connectors
    Plug & Socket
Connectors & Components
    Rectangular Power
Connectors & Components
    Terminal Blocks
Switches & Relays
    Switch Components
    Current Sensing
    Isolation Transformers
    Pulse Transformers
Cable, Wire & Assemblies
    Cable Accessories
    Cable Assemblies
Circuit Protection
    ESD Protection Devices
    Transient Voltage
    TVS – Varistors, MOVs & MLVs
Optoelectronics & Displays
    LEDs – Standard
Multicolour (Under 75mA)
    LEDs – Standard Single Colour (Under 75mA)
Enclosures, Racks & Cabinets
Tools & Production Supplies
    Tools – Hand &
Semiconductors – Tools
    Analog Development Kits
    Application Specific &
Reference Design Kits
Fasteners & Mechanical
    Fasteners & Fixings

Wurth Elektronik Midcom Products:

  • Ceramic Capacitors
    • Cable Shields
    • Choke Cores
    • Rods & Beads
    • SM Beads
    • SM Beads Multilayer
    • Snaps & Clamps
    • Test Kit
  • Filters
    • Chokes
    • Coils
    • Dataline
    • Discrete
    • EE Seal
    • Miniature Ceramic
    • PCB
    • Signal Line
    • Surface Mount
    • Varistor
  • Inductors
    • Chokes & Coils
    • Chokes Filter
    • Power Chokes
  • Transformers
    • Ethernet
    • Isolation
    • LAN
    • LF-Audio
    • SMPS
  • Wireless LAN & Blue Tooth Components
    • Chip Antenna
    • Chip Baluns
    • Chip Band Pass Filters
    • Chip Low Pass Filters

Wurth Electronics Midcom EMC-components:

Wurth Electronics Midcom chips:

Wurth Electronics Midcom Application:


Wurth Electronics Midcom Characteristics:


Wurth Electronics Midcom Specifications:


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