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Xicon Passive Components

XICON’s product offering represents an extensive range and wide variety of capacitors, resistors, inductors, potentiometers, adapters, and transformers. All quality components, reasonably priced. XICON Pasive Components was established in 1988 but is involved in the production of capacitors since 1973 using the brandname “Transcap”. Major product lines include axial and radial aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, ceramic capacitors as well as power resistors for the Electronic OEM market.

Products from Xicon Passive Components:
Xicon Antennas

Xicon Audio & Signal Transformers

Xicon Capacitors

Xicon LED’s, Lamp’s & Accessories

Xicon Power Supplies & Adaptors

Xicon Resistors

Xicon Thermal Cutoffs

Xicon Trigger Transformers

Electromechanical Components
    Circuit Protection Components
Passive Components