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RCD Components – Passive Components

RCD is a manufacturer of carbon film and metal film resistors, wirewound resistors, chip, axial, and radial ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, coils and inductors, and active, passive, and programmable delay lines.

RCD Components is committed to offering a broad line of standards and custom passive products at competitive prices, with the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to serve our customers’ needs. As a manufacturer of resistors, capacitors, coils and delay lines, RCD offers one of the industry’s largest inventories of finished goods, short lead times and unique SWIFT service to fulfill customer delivery requirements.

Throughout each level of production RCD is dedicated to the consistent quality of their components.RCD has employed their “zero defect” policy to ensure that their components are completely defect free and conform to the specifications that they provided in the datasheet.


  • Resistive Products
  • – Resistors, Networks, Jumpers, Shunts, Fuses Temp.Sensors, Hybrid Circuits
  • Capacitive Products
  • – Ceramic, Tantalum, Network
  • Inductive Products
  • – Inductors, Coils, Chokes, Transformers, Magnetics
  • Delay Lines
  • – Active, Passive, Programmable
  • Contract Assembly Services
  • – Electro-Mechanical Assemblies, SM and Thru-hole PCB Assembly, Laser Trimming, Component Forming/marking/Taping, Coil Winding

Acknowledged throughout the electronic components industry for its service and engineering excellence, RCD Components Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of resistors, capacitors, coils, and delay lines. Founded in 1973, RCD continues to be one of the fastest growing passive components manufacturers due to its ABZED™ ABsolute ZEro Defect guarantee, fast turnaround on non-standard products, including its exclusive SWIFT™ service for delivery of non-standard and non-stock items in as little as three days, and its inventory in excess of 2 billion components. Since its inception, RCD’s goal has been to strengthen its position as a growing and profitable organization that provides the highest quality passive components and services to its customers. RCD is a no-nonsense, quality-oriented company that defines quality as 100 percent customer satisfaction. This goes well beyond failure-free product and focuses also on service, delivery performance, and pricing. As a customer-driven company, RCD offers more than 100 customized product options—such as increased voltage capability, gold plated lead wires, custom marking, non-standard values, and military screening—to readily fulfill the specific design requirements of each customer.

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