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A Groundbreaking DNA Desktop Writer Enables Analog Devices to Enter The Biological Market


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Currently in the early stages of development, Evonetix, a synthetic biology company, along with ADI have been working side by side since January 2019 on not only the furthering and commercial scale-up of Evonetix’s MEMS-based IC’s, but also accelerating the development of Evonetix’s first product: a DNA desktop writer.  

A DNA strand.

Evonetix’s IC is capable of controlling the synthesis of DNA at a whole host of independently controlled reaction sites or ‘pixels’ on the chips surface in a distinctly parallel fashion.  

As stated by ADI SVP Pat O’Doherty, “Evonetix is a pioneer in reimagining biology and developing a radically different approach to synthesizing long-chain DNA at unprecedented accuracy and scale.” Furthermore, O’Doherty goes on to provide further insight on just how powerful this collaboration is, saying “this collaboration provides Analog Devices with an opportunity to enter the growing synthetic biology market. Our work together is aimed at increasing the speed and reducing the cost of gene assembly to provide novel strategies that can be used to produce affordable medications and treat a wide range of diseases globally.”  

Evonetix is continuing its efforts in working with ADI’s corporate innovation lab Analog Garage to uniquely develop an integrated solution that includes the MEMS platform along with an application specific integrated circuit (AISC) to miniaturize the control electronics and flow cell. In fact, these processes are a direct result of Evonetix and ADI’s recent agreement to extend their collaboration moving forward, where ADI will help assist with the commercial scale-up of the technology at hand as well as manufacture devices for the desktop DNA writers themselves.  

Being held back by the ability to create de novo high-fidelity DNA at scale, in being able to overcome this obstacle, the ensuing opportunities to come to the field of synthetic biology in diverse areas across the industry such as industrial biotech, renewables, agriculture, pharmaceuticals/drug discovery, and materials will unlock groundbreaking new ventures and opportunities.  

When eventually sold to laboratories as a “plug and play” desktop instrument, Evonetix’s DNA synthesis technology will be able to synthesize DNA at unprecedented accuracy, speed, and scale, all of which will promptly accelerate scientist’s ability to use biology in ways currently not possible, helping to create change for the better by influencing global health far into the future.  

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