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Advanced Digital Sensor for Ambient Light and Proximity Detection from Everlight


Thursday, March 30, 2023

Have you ever wondered how your smartphone screen automatically turns off when you bring it close to your face, or how your car’s parking assistance system detects nearby objects without physical contact? The answer lies in proximity sensors, a revolutionary technology that has transformed the way machines and devices interact with the physical world.

Proximity sensors are used in a wide range of industries and applications, from healthcare to home automation, enabling natural and intuitive user interfaces, enhance safety and efficiency, and offer endless possibilities for innovation.

Everlight has developed cutting-edge developments in proximity sensor series perfect for automated door systems, ambient lighting systems, and proximity sensors for mobile.

The APM-16D24-310-DF8/TR8 is a versatile and advanced digital output sensor designed for detecting ambient light and proximity. It features an I2C interface and interrupt for easy integration with other devices. The ambient light sensor has a wide and flexible operating range, with a maximum resolution of 0.0023Lux/count and a detectable illumination of up to 57880Lux.

In addition, the proximity sensor (PS) function can be customized to meet different application requirements, with adjustable IR pulses ranging from 1 to 256 and flexible IR LED driving current from 50mA to 200mA. This function is also equipped with a filter to reduce unwanted IR signals and noise from the environment.

The APM-16D24-310-DF8/TR8 has various applications, such as controlling the backlight of TFT LCD displays, managing automatic residential and commercial lighting, enhancing the contrast of electronic signboards, and supporting mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs, and tablet PCs.

Take advantage of the advanced technology and features of theAPM-16D24-310-DF8/TR8, contact our engineers one of our engineers to obtain this advanced digital sensor.

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