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Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Maida Development Company is a Virginia based company founded in 1947 that manufactures and supplies top quality components for a vast majority of industries. 

Maida currently offers multiple product lines containing zinc oxide varistors (MOV’s), ceramic disk capacitors, SPD’s GDT’s, NTC thermistors, TVS diodes, and X2YEMI devices. Through a persistent research and development program that that seeks to constantly improve both the manufacturing process as well as the products themselves to best serve their clientele, Maida has been able to use these practices rooted deep in their core history to help continue guiding them into the future.  

Maida products.

Maida’s flexible product line is its own selling point in it of itself, as some of their most notable products include varistors, thermally protected varistors (TMOVs), thermistors, capacitors, surge protective devices (SPD), electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters, and plenty more to choose from.

These Maida components are then applicable to numerous industries with a widespread capacity for any use or application. For example, Maida’s zinc oxide varistors are used in numerous applications that require infrastructure support against transients induced by lightning struck power lines as well as suppressing transients that are caused by switching inductive loads from relays, coils, and transformers.

Maida product applications.

While applications vary from industry to industry, some of the most common types their products can be seen in use include telecommunication equipment, ground fault interrupters, motor control, cable TV systems, high voltage power supplies, computer-related products, AC smoke detectors, and plenty more of note.

In addition, Maida’s standard selection of radial-leaded varistors is amongst Maida’s most comprehensive, consisting of wire leads with nominal disk diameters anywhere from 3-25 mm. This series was conceived for most low and medium power applications requiring thru-hole components.

By comparison, Maida’s thermally protected high energy (TMOV) series is meant for the safe disconnection of the varistor from a circuit with unusual operating conditions. These TMOV’s can withstand the trials and tribulations of UL1449 4th Edition Type 1 and Type 2 applications while still being capable of meeting the requirements for typical high energy varistor applications. 

With a long history of proven quality and performance, Maida products have been used for trips to the moon during the Apollo Space Program. This is partially due to continuous research and development for not only manufacturing processes, but customer applications as well. 

In addition, Maida is very excited to introduce two new products to the market: MPD10K27720KLFF and SM14ZOV321RA90.

With respects to the MPD10K27720KLFF, this innovative product is a developed branded Surge Protective Device in utilizing their reliable metal oxide varistors in multiple configurations. These devices have been carefully crafted to target the LED lighting revolution and to provide superior protection for the luminaire and driver circuits. With the many capabilities this unique product can provide for consumers, the MPD series is one to look out for as they prepare to launch Maida further into the future.

Furthermore, when looking at the SM14ZOV321RA90, Maida Development has introduced a product that is set to change the industry for the better. With this new development, Maida has created a surface mount option for the company’s range of leaded MOV’s, enabling designers the capability to move towards a 100% surface mount PCB while also reducing the manufacturing costs that are associated with through hole components. Moving forward, this is a product to keep an eye out for, as Maida’s SMD series is one prepared to do wonders for consumers around the globe.

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Not sure if the standard Maida components are right for your application? Custom design and fabrication of ceramic components for specific customer requirements are also available through IBS Electronics. Our knowledgeable staff can work with your specifications for a custom solution that’s right for your project. Contact our team today to request a quote.

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