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ASJ | World Leading Resistor Manufacturer


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

ASJ banner image.

Founded in 1980, ASJ has evolved to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of resistors. With a history of more than thirty years in the manufacturing quality resistors together with advance manufacturing equipment and proprietary production process, ASJ is poised for global growth and gears to be a world player in resistor technology. ASJ resistors meet the highest international standards (MIL, JIS, EIA).

The ASJ Malaysia office.

Headquartered in Singapore with direct and representative offices in Malaysia, Europe, South Korea, Thailand, India, PRC and the United States of America. In 2014, ASJ has formally merged with Ralec Electronic Corporation, a Taiwanese based resistor manufacturer. The union of the manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, China & Taiwan, logistics and customer network propel the corporation to even greater heights.

Photo of an ASJ facility.Photo of an ASJ facility.

Today, ASJ continues to innovate through plant and product development, reflecting their focus on innovation, service and quality. ASJ resistors are manufactured with sophisticated process technology using up-to-date automated production facilities that enable production of small-size, light weight and thin component.

ASJ competitive edge is its ability to provide customers with quality products in “quick turn around” services through automated manufacturing facilities and a computerized distribution system. ASJ achieve their goals of continuous improvement in efficiency and quality through our consistent on-going investment in the latest technology, manufacturing equipment, and human resource development.


Product highlight image featuring ASJ CLS series resistors.

Product Characteristics: 

  • Use of special metal alloy resistive element
    • Heat resistance 1450˚C, fusing point 1650˚C
    • Stable operation at full load, minimal resistance change, resistance to surge
    • Stable T.C.R
    • Anti-Oxidant/ Anti-Sulphide / Anti-Aging
  • Self-developed Flame-Retardant protection coating
    • Heat Resistance 800°C
    • Suitable for usage in enclosed area
  • Patented copper electrode-forming technology (Invention: I253088, Novel: M245586)
    • Large solderability area
    • Excellent thermal conductivity and heat dissipation
    • Provide high accuracy measuring platform
    • Strong termination construction

ASJ CLS series resistors comparison with competitor.

ASJ Products – View Inventory

Chip Resistors

  • General Purpose Thick Film Chip Resistors
  • High Precision High Stability Thin Film Chip Resistors
  • Current Sensing Low Ohmic Chip Resistors
  • High Power Chip Resistors
  • High Ohmic Values Chip Resistors
  • Arrays & Networks Resistors
  • Specialty Resistors (eg. Anti-Sulfur Chip Resistors, Trimmable Resistors )

Leaded Resistors

  • Metal Oxide Leaded Resistors
  • Wire-wound Leaded Resistors
  • Cement Leaded Resistors
  • Jumper wire
  • Specialty Leaded Resistors

IBS Electronics was established in 1980 in Southern California. IBS Electronics is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified authorized franchise distributor and a global leader in the delivery of innovative electronic components and logistic solutions.

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Supply Chain Management:

IBS Electronics creates an integrated supply chain with our customers and suppliers by becoming a seamless extension of their operations. We deliver “Best in Class” processes, information technology tools, and people.


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