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Beisit Launches Cable Glands for Maximum Protection in Flammable Settings


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Beisit releases a new line of explosion-proof cable glands intended to endure prolonged exposure to hazardous environments and contain ignited flammable mixtures to prevent them from extending and causing further damage. 

These cable glands come in different materials such as brass, stainless steel, copper, nylon, and nickel-plated with a corrosion-resistant coating, to meet various needs in diverse electrical applications. They are compatible with NPT type of cable threads and come with a cable range from 4mm to 26mm. 

The composition of these cable glands can withstand various climate situations and adapt to operation under extreme humidity. Aside from this, these components offer other features such as ingress protection, strain relief, earthing, and environmental protection.

Beisit Explosion Proof Cable Glands.

Features Technical Parameters Application 
*Structural design of flexible connection.  

*Has an anti-slip design for the seal to the body, making your installation easier.  

*Unified wrench specification location used for your installation.  

*Available for customization  
*The test temperature is -65℃~150℃, and the working temperature is -60℃~130℃

*IP68 (10m/8h).  *Loading test diameter 20 times (100% tension)

*Hydrostatic test 30bar  
 *Suitable for gas 1.2 zone and dust 20, 21, 22 zone

*For Indoor/outdoor non-armored 

These cable glands are perfect to use in high-risk settings like mining, oil & gas, chemicals, manufacturing & processing, and high-voltage applications.  

VDE, CE, U/L, IECE ATEX, which oversees the placement on the market of explosion-proof, and protective systems, has certified Beisit’s explosion-proof cable glands.

Free samples of these Explosion Proof Cable Glands from Beisit are available at any authorized IBS Electronics distributor worldwide. Contact us or request a quote on our website at

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