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Camtec Power Supplies Introduce New CPS-i1500 and CPS-EC1500


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Recently, Camtec Power Supplies has introduced CPS-i1500.300 / CPS-i1500.400 models as well as the CPS-EC1500.400 models – NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE.

CPS-i1500 | 1500W Lab Power Supply DIN-Rail – VIEW DATASHEET

CPS-EC1500 | 1500W Precision DC Rectifier – VIEW DATASHEET
(DIN-Rail Battery Charger, C/V Adjustable Industrial Power)

— This CPS-i1500 is used for test bench on high output voltage and the EC1500-series for DC-UPS systems with high DC-voltage to power DC/AC delta converters.

A probably application on test bench for CPS-i1500.300 or CPS-i1500.400 is simulating battery banks for the  e-mobility, and use it for fuel cell. It also can supply support voltage of for example frequency drive controllers while testing those items in a production line (they need approx.. 380Vdc). The CPS-EC1500.400 is also used for powering DC/AC converters that require a voltage of 360-420VDC to be effective.

Camtec Power Supplies product applications.

Camtec is a specialist in creating demanding power supply systems, particularly for natural cooled AC/DC power supplies. Camtec’s products are used in various outdoor applications, such as traffic control systems, infrastructure and high-power LED lighting, railway, armed forces and automotive and in high-power DC-UPS chargers up to 100kW.

Camtec’s standard products already provide a smooth C/V characteristic to start very complex loads such as LED lighting, DC/DC-converters and serious DC motor drives. Camtec’s DIN rail power supplies are designed for base plate cooling on a hard mount. All switch mode power supplies are designed for natural cooling and with a standard ambient temperature between -20°C to 70°C.

The mechanical design of Camtec’s products is extremely robust and is made for long-term use. Camtec’s design standard is 17-18 years and uninterrupted service at 40°C. Camtec uses only high-end brand electronic parts from the best manufacturers in the world.

Camtec’s quality management integrates an ISO9001:2008 certification and a UL-controlled production.

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IBS Electronics expertise in quality assurance, supply chain management, and technology combined together with our leadership in the global deployment of Lean and Six Sigma, enables IBS to provide a competitive advantage to our customers by improving time-to-market, scalability, and efficiency.

As an Authorized Distributor of Camtec Power Supplies, contact us for the best prices and quality service.


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