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Degson Introduces Three New Products for August 2018


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Degson introduces THREE NEW PRODUCTS for August 2018.

Degson is a high quality manufacturer of terminal blocks and precise molds in Asia. Founded in 1990, Degson is headquartered near Shanghai with a fully operational manufacturing facility and staff dormitories. In 2009, they opened Degson Germany GmbH in Frankfurt Germany, a facility, warehouse, and support center for their European market. To date, they produce more than 1 billion terminal blocks a year. With an constant commitment to quality, Degson sells to over 90 countries, such as US, Germany, UK, Japan, South Korea, and South Africa.

Since their founding, Degson has over 24 years of experience researching and developing precise components for the technical and engineering industry. Their research team uses an advanced computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) which integrates design, manufacture, and analysis into one system. With detailed oversight throughout their operations, Degson provides a complete R&D process solution to their clients. Through their dedication to innovation, Degson currently holds 96 patent certificates, utility model patents, appearance patents, and invention patents.

First, we have the DC2.5-TW (One in two structure, applied in industrial automation, elevator, electric power and etc.)

Degson DC2.5-TW.


Second, the DG127-THR-5.0 (Max wire range:1.5mm²)

Degson DG127-THR-5.0.


Third, and lastly the K92-01A(H)/K93-01A (H) (Mix rated current:25A, Mix torque value: M4,2.0N.m.

Degson K92-01A(H)/K93-01A (H).


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