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Diotec Introduces 3G Schottky’s for Mobility Applications and BCP53-16 Power Transistor in SOT-223


Monday, April 8, 2019

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Diotec 3G Schottky applications graphic.

In April 2019 Diotec Semiconductor Introduces 3G Schottky’s for mobility applications .

Diotec’s – 3G Schottky technology enables high power density in small packages. It offers the best performance of Schottky rectifiers in the industry.

Example PPS1545-3G : Vf < 0.50V @ 15A, Ir < 150μA @ 45V, Cj typ. 720pF @ 4V

Industry standard in trench MOS: Vf < 0.58V @ 15A, Ir < 1500μA @ 45V, Cj typ. 2200pF @ 4V

The industrial electronics includes a variety of applications that are constantly updated with new, intelligent and safer technologies. A daily challenge in the design of such electronic systems is the search for energy-efficient, miniaturized devices in industrial quality and innovative technology.

Diotec’s current -3G Schottky portfolio includes a wide range of very low flux-voltage rectifiers, blocking voltages from 20V to 45V and a current rating of 0.5A to 30A. A new 3G Schottky Technology flyer shows components especially for the field of industrial electronics.

The main features of -3G Schottky devices at a glance:
– Very low forward voltage
– Low reverse current
– High performance
– High ESD strength
– Energy saving
– Available in power, SMD and axial designs

Diotec Power Transistor in SOT-223 package specifications and applications.

Additionally, Diotec Semiconductor introduces New: BCP53-16 Power Transistor in SOT-223

The BCP53-16 is the first member of a new family of power transistors in the SOT-223 package . This PNP transistor can be loaded with up to 1.3W , the permanent collector current is -1A and the collector-emitter voltage up to -80V . The DC gain is between 100 and 250 .

This component can be used for general switching and amplification tasks with increased power requirements, eg. B. for voltage and current regulator. The complementary NPN version BCP56-16 will follow soon.

Further information can be found in the data sheet of the BCP53.

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