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Diotec Offers TVS Product Families for Load Dump Protection Distributed by IBS Electronics


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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Diotec offers TVS product families for load dump protection according to ISO 16750-2:2012(E), both for applications without central load dump limitation (according to standard Table 5, Test A) and for those with central limitation (Table 6, Test B). 

ISO 16750-2:2012(E) load dump protection standard curve.

The new 6.6SM8Z series with 6.6kW peak pulse power in DO-218AB is already available, it will soon be complemented by the 4.6SM6Z series with 4.6kW. Both versions are compliant to AEC-Q101.

The 5KP series represents an alternative in axial package, it allows up to 5kW at the usual rating with10/1000µs pulses. Classical alternator rectifier diodes in pressfit housings are the BYZ35 and BYZ50, which we offer especially for the after sales market. They offer a suppressor characteristic and thus provide the central load dump protection.

GBU Bridge Rectifiers in Tube Packaging

From now on we offer the bridge rectifiers of the GBU series also packed in tubes. This form of packaging allows the automated feeding and assembly of the components, which saves time and costs. The previous bulk packaging form is still available; to order the bridges in tubes, simply add the suffix “-T” to the article number (e.g. GBU8M-T). Each tube contains 20 bridge rectifiers, which are then packed in boxes of 1000 pieces each. This is the minimum order quantity, also valid for the bulk packed components.

The GBU series from Diotec is available with output currents of 4A, 6A, 8A and 12A, and each with 50 to 1000V reverse voltage. As a special feature, the GBU12 offers a forward surge current capability of270A at 50Hz half sine wave (10ms), which is a unique selling point in the market.

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For more information please contact IBS ElectronicsAuthorized Diotec Distributor for dedicated support.

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