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Don't Let Static Silence Your Tunes: Introducing the Diotec ESD5Z5V0


Monday, January 8, 2024

Now that the holidays are here—a warm playlist is what we need to keep us cozy and entertained on these cold winter nights. It is a blissful scene until ruined by a hidden threat lurking in the dry air: electrostatic discharge (ESD). A seemingly harmless zap from you to your earphones can fry delicate microcontrollers and leave you with nothing but static silence during this holiday fun. 

Diotec Semiconductor introduces the ESD5Z5V0, a revolutionary advancement in miniature ESD protection where this microscopic protector comes in the tiny SOD-523 case outline, measuring just 1.6 by 0.8 mm, and seamlessly integrates into even the most compact earphones, offering an impenetrable shield against winter's electrostatic discharges. 

It fits into the smallest in-ear phones and offers an impressive ESD immunity of 30 kilovolts according to the human body model (HBM) for both air and contact discharge effectively deflecting both air and contact discharges – the equivalent of withstanding 30,000 miniature lightning strikes. 

With the ESD5Z5V0 standing guard, you can confidently conquer the driest days, knowing your music is safe from sudden silence. Crank up the volume, shuffle across the shaggiest carpet, and let the crackling fire soundtrack your winter wonderland—your earphones are in their own soundproof haven. Rest assured, the ESD5Z5V0 operates silently and unobtrusively, preserving the pristine audio you crave. 

Learn more about the Diotec ESD5Z5V0 and experience the power of winter-proof audio today! 

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