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EVERLIGHT’s EL SMARTLED Series for High-Quality Optoelectronic Solutions


Monday, March 27, 2023

Everlight, a leading global manufacturer of LED components, is setting new expectations for automotive interior lighting by following general trends in lighting towards hundreds and even thousands of RGB LEDs per car. In line with the trend towards smart innovation and research and development, Everlight has released the EL SMARTLED (EL3534-RGBISE0391L-AM), an intelligent RGB LED technology designed to improve the user experience of automotive interior lighting.

As a member of the ISELED Alliance, EVERLIGHT has developed intelligent RGB LED technology for automotive interior lighting that follows the general trends in lighting towards hundreds and even thousands of RGB LEDs per car. With the continuous evolution of global technology and the transfer of the automotive industry to digitalization, vehicle interior lighting has grown substantially to improve the user experience.

The EL3534 smart LED is equipped with an embedded IC and has a new package structure that includes a driver IC from Inova Semiconductors, in addition to the three-color chips (red, blue, and green). The driver IC enables the direct calibration of the LED in the memory and compensates for the thermal drop for the red color automatically. It is mounted on the bottom side of the lead frame, which allows for active thermal management in the LED device.

The integration of controller IC and LEDs in one package saves space and interconnections for PCB design in compact interior spaces, freeing up more possibilities for the light module design concept. The RGB rays’ glow from delta chip orientation in the top side of the lead frame, creating a visually stunning effect.

IBS Electronics is now providing its customers with the innovative and high-quality optoelectronic solutions of EVERLIGHT’s EL SMARTLED series. To take advantage of the advanced technology and features of the EL SMARTLED series, contact our engineers one of our engineers to obtain SMART LEDs.

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