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Evolving With the Electronics Industry Digital Transformation | Real Talk Ft Walter Tobin | Ep 40


Monday, September 27, 2021

Both the electronics industry and global supply chain have undergone dramatic transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and with the advent of digital technologies, most customers now have access to worldwide pricing instantaneously in front of them on any computer! With a rapid increase within the realm of IoT bringing API and automation to manufacturer’s supply chains, it’s critical to analyze how the customer including manufacturer buyers or engineers have changed too.

Tune in to this episode of Real Talk as we welcome back Walter Tobin, CEO of (ERA) Electronics Representatives Association, who aims to strengthen the relationships among manufacturers, field sales representatives and distributors in the electronics industry.

Since 1935, ERA’s assertive leadership role in promoting and protecting the function has led to the identification of manufacturers’ representatives as equal partners in the field sales and marketing process. ERA gives a voice not only to representatives but to the manufacturers and distributors who partner with them. ERA listens and responds to members and to the forces that impact the success of their companies. It is the mission of ERA to advance and support the professional field sales function in the global electronics industry by providing programs, services and activities that educate, inform and advocate for manufacturers’ representatives, the principals they represent and the distributors who are representatives’ partners in the marketplace.

Thinking of Joining ERA?
If you are thinking about joining the hundreds of representatives, manufacturers and distributors in the electronics industry who benefit from their ERA membership, visit for more info!

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