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High Quality Displays for Industrial and Medical Applications: Display Visions


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Electronic Assembly GmbH (Display Visions) is a German manufacturing company that was incepted in 1977, where it has since risen to the top as a leader in quality industrial displays and LCD technology. Electronic Assembly markets a wide variety of top-quality industrial displays to customers in a whole host of different industries, spanning from IT, machinery manufacturing, to process automation. Through a high level of vertical integration, the organization is able to maintain a large chunk of the value-add chain in house, and given the fact that they offer all of the incentives of a mid-tier company, they have a unique ability to accommodate the ever evolving needs and demands of their customer base. The philosophy of Display Visions is to simply “make things easy,” which can be seen through the company’s product line, where there displays have a built-in controller that makes things much simpler for design engineers. Furthermore, with Display Visions high-level language functions, the need for customers to have system-level programming is completely eradicated.

Display Visions has five incredibly specialized engineers that help uniquely design and create their products in close cooperation with Production to ensure the best quality from the onset. With well over 70,000 modules per year that are carefully crafted, catered, assembled, and tested as well as having over 2,000 different kinds of LCD’s available, Display Visions is uniquely qualified to mold itself into whatever is needed by a respective company. A list of Display Visions most notable products can be seen below:

  • UNITFT – Multifunction TFT
  • EA EDIP Series Serial Graphic
  • EA DIP Series – Direct Mounting
  • EA DOG Series – Very Flexible
  • OLED
  • TFT & Standard Graphic
  • EA KIT Series – Control Panels
  • E-Paper
  • DVM / / Counter
  • Data Logger
  • Displays With RS-232
  • Character Displays
  • EA UNITFT High-end PCAP
  • Graphic Displays TFT/LCD

There are many benefits that can be garnered through the services provided by Display Visions which have helped shape the company into the noteworthy success that it is now. One of the main strengths that the company holds near and dear is that they are “Made in Germany,” all the way from development to production itself. In addition, with their carefully constructed team and the rigors of their product development, Display Visions products have long term durability as they can last anywhere from 10-15 years. With a specialized focus on automotive/industrial, automation, medical technology, and mechanical engineering, Display Visions is capable of constantly providing top level industry quality with short delivery times, direct access to support/assistance, and being able to customize their products uniquely in order to fulfill their customers’ needs.

Display Visions product applications.

If your application or project includes unusual or unique specs, customization and changes are possible through IBS Electronics. Our team can work on your behalf with Display Visions, in order to arrive at a custom solution that fits your project. With our offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, we can ship the products to you anywhere in the world.

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