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IBS Electronics Hosts Webinar to Empower Engineers and Buyers with Next-Gen Website Enhancements


Thursday, June 13, 2024

IBS Electronics held a highly anticipated webinar to introduce their next-generation website, designed to significantly improve the user experience for engineers and procurement professionals. The event was led by Global Marketing Supervisor Edlyn Valencia and Global Marketing Manager Matthew Amato, who showcased the website’s new features and tools.

Enhancing User Experience

The primary goal of the webinar was to demonstrate how the new website enhancements align with IBS Electronics’ commitment to customer satisfaction. Matthew Amato emphasized that the revamped site offers a more intuitive and efficient browsing experience, crucial for engineers and buyers in the fast-paced electronics industry.

Key Website Features Highlighted

  • Homepage and Resources Page: Designed for easy navigation, the homepage allows users quick access to essential resources, tools, and team contacts. The resources page is packed with the latest industry news, blogs, webinars, and market intelligence reports.
  • Market Intelligence: This feature provides data-driven insights, enabling users to request quotes, view global stock levels, and access detailed lifecycle and risk assessments. These insights are intended to help procurement and engineering professionals make informed decisions.
  • Advanced Keyword Search: The new search tool helps users find products by part number or keyword, streamlining the product discovery process. It includes features like finding similar products and refining results based on specific requirements through parametric search.
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Tool: A major highlight of the new website, the BOM tool supports the management of up to 1000 products at once. Users can upload their BOMs, get instant pricing and availability, and share BOMs with team members for collaborative sourcing and design. It also includes version history tracking and the ability to export BOMs to CSV files.
  • Collaboration and Account Management: Integrated with My IBS, the user portal for managing interactions with IBS Electronics, this feature ensures seamless connection of all inquiries, BOMs, and orders to the user’s account manager, enhancing collaboration.

Live Demonstrations and Future Innovations

During the webinar, Matthew Amato conducted live demonstrations of the advanced search functions and the BOM tool, highlighting their user-friendly design and powerful capabilities. He also provided a sneak peek at upcoming features, such as AI-enhanced alternatives for BOM products, which promise to further enhance the tool's value for customers.

The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session, where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. IBS Electronics encouraged participants to attend future webinars for deeper dives into specific features and innovations from their principal manufacturers.

The unveiling of IBS Electronics’ new website marks a significant step forward in empowering engineers and buyers. With its advanced tools, comprehensive resources, and user-friendly interface, the website is set to become an indispensable asset for professionals in the electronics industry. As IBS Electronics continues to innovate, customers can look forward to an ever-improving digital experience.

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