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Maida Development Company announced a new Surge Protective Device (SPD) Module


Friday, April 8, 2016

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The Maida Development Company announced a new Surge Protective Device (SPD) Module. The integrated device utilizes a thermal cut-off to protect against overheating, metal oxide varistors to protect against transients, and an optional operational indicator. Applications include commercial indoor/outdoor LED lighting and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS.) The Surge Protective Device is available for differential mode or common mode protection.

Maida Surge Protection Devices are designed to compete with Littlefuse LSP05 and LSP10 product lines. There are various differences between the Maida Surge Protection Devices and the Littlefuse modules such as: lmax, ln, MCOV. Mounting is another difference as the Littlefuse modules are rectangular and Maida Surge Protection Devices are cylindrical.

IBS Electronics is an Authorized Maida Distributor and we are ready to supply samples!

Information Data Sheets: 

SPD SERIES – Introduction Ver1-1

SPD SERIES – Introduction Ver1-2

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