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Maintain Form, Fit, Function with Alternative Resistor Solutions from IBS Electronics Group | Cost-Saving & Lead Time Reducing Resistor Alternatives


Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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IBS Electronics is an industry leader in distributing the most precise, stable and reliable high quality resistors. Our resistor solutions empower our customers to maximize engineering efficiency while reducing cost and lead times. Our portfolio has a broad range of resistor solutions, providing products in a variety of resistor configurations and packages to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

Team #OneIBS has developed partnerships with multiple resistor manufactures in the industry, representing them as an Authorized Franchised Distributor empowering our customers to access the best brands all in one place. Some of these manufacturers include: Vitrohm Resistors, ASJ Resistors, Hi-Tech Resistors, Viking Resistors and ATE Resistors.

Vitrohm banner image.

Vitrohm Resistors: Vitrohm was founded in 1933 and became a part of the Yageo Group in 1996. Vitrohm manufactures resistors with a wide range of applications, such as wire wound, SMD, Low OHM, Meta Glaze, and high-power wire wound resistors. Vitrohm currently has approximately 200 employees with production sites in China and Portugal. Request a Quote!

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ASJ Resistor: Founded in 1980, ASJ has evolved to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of resistors. With a history of more than thirty years in the manufacturing quality resistors together with advance manufacturing equipment and proprietary production process, ASJ is poised for global growth and gears to be a world player in resistor technology. ASJ resistors meet the highest international standards (MIL, JIS, EIA). Request a Quote!

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(HTR) Hi-Tech Resistors: Hi-Tech Resistors Pvt Ltd popularly known as HTR worldwide in the Electronic component industry was establish in 1988 with a mission to provide international quality wire wound resistors to the Indian Electronic Industry. HTR has now transformed itself into a provider of resistive devices for multiple Applications. Equipped with an ISO/TS 16949:2009 qualification HTR provides a cost effective solution to Industries from Automotive to LED lighting to Industrial Applications and apart from wire wound resistors, HTR’s offerings now include low Ohm current sense shunt resistors & special purpose safety fusible resistors which conform to UL 1412. HTR provides solutions to the Automotive sector through its range of multiple speed Ceramic resistors for HVAC & Engine cooling applications & special purpose punched out and SMD shunts for use in multiple applications such as electronic steering and braking applications, as well as a wide range of applications both for conventional petrol as well as hybrid car or electric vehicles. Request a Quote!

 Viking logo.

Viking Resistors: Viking is a Manufacturer of Thin film precision, Thick film, Current sensing, Multi-function resistors, MLCC Capacitors, RF and Power inductors with leading edge technology and competitive costs. Based in Taiwan, Viking Tech Corporation is one of the prime film resistor, chip inductor, electrolytic capacitor manufacturers since 1997. And their products are used throughout automotive, electronic device applications.

Viking operates in line with TS16949/ ISO9001/ ISO14001 and meet AEC-Q200 standards. Viking has been offering anti-sulfur, anti-surge, pulse, high voltage, high power precision resistors including thin/ thick film resistors, automotive resistors, melf resistors, current sense resistors, etc. Low noise, low TC, high power inductors such as rf inductors, chip inductors, power inductors, variable inductors, ferrite chip inductors, shielded inductors, wire wound inductors and dip inductors. Request a Quote!

ATE Electronics logo.

ATE Resistors: ATE Electronics is a global manufacturer of power resistors with production facilities in Italy. Among their product catalog offerings are:

    • Capacitor Balancing Resistors
    • Aluminum Clad Resistors
    • Silicone Coated Wirewound Resistors
    • Thick Film Power Resistors

For over 30 years, ATE has manufactured high quality components to meet customer specifications. With modern production facilities, ATE offers a variety of wire-wound resistors in accordance with international quality standards, as well as MIL and CSCC standards. With an ISO 9001:2000 certification, IBS Electronics can work with ATE for customized requirements. Request a Quote!

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IBS Electronics Group operates a highly effective global sourcing network with offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, providing a broad range of integrated sourcing solutions to leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract manufacturers (CMs) across a range of industries.

Contact us for alternative resistor solutions and receive direct access to the factory at a lower cost and shorter lead time – all

while maintaining form, fit and function.

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For over 40 years, IBS Electronics Group has provided a broad range of integrated supply chain and electronicsmanufacturing solutions tailored specific to our customer's operations. As your one source for the industry’s top brands all in one place, our engineers specialize in reducing supply chain complexity and are here to provide you with dedicated support from prototype to production.

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