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Never Run Out of Power: Diotec's MD06P115 MOSFET with Polarity Protection for Solar-Powered Banks


Monday, June 3, 2024

Solar power banks are essential for outdoor enthusiasts, providing a reliable way to keep devices charged when off the grid. These power banks harness sunlight to generate electricity through photovoltaic cells, making them an ideal travel companion. With a high-capacity solar power bank, you can charge your smartphone multiple times, and it's also suitable for tablets, digital cameras, drones, GPS devices, and any other battery-powered device that charges via USB. 

In solar power banks and other battery-operated devices, reverse battery polarity is always a risk. When batteries are inserted incorrectly, they potentially cause damage to the device or the power bank itself. Ensuring reliable and efficient protection against reverse polarity is crucial for maintaining the longevity and functionality of these devices. Proper design and implementation of reverse polarity protection can help prevent such issues, safeguarding both the device and its power source. 

Introducing Diotec's MD06P115 MOSFET 

The MD06P115 P-channel MOSFET by Diotec Semiconductor provides an effective reverse battery polarity protection solution. Assembled in a compact SOT-26 case, this MOSFET offers a continuous drain current rating of -3.1 A and a very low on-state resistance of a maximum 115 mΩ. Its logic level gate threshold allows it to operate at the USB voltage level of typically 5 V. By incorporating the MD06P115, you can achieve simple yet power-saving polarity protection with minimal PCB space. 


      • Continuous drain current rating of -3.1 A 

      • Very low on-state resistance of a maximum 115 mΩ 

      • Logic level gate threshold for USB voltage operation 

      • Compact SOT-26 case outline 


      • Efficient protection against reverse battery polarity 

      • Minimal power loss due to low on-state resistance 

      • Compact size, saving valuable PCB space 

      • Easy integration with just an additional resistor and a Zener diode 


      • Enhances the reliability and safety of solar power banks and other USB-powered devices 

      • Prolongs the lifespan of both the power bank and connected devices 

      • Ideal for portable and compact electronic applications 

By incorporating Diotec's MD06P115 MOSFET into your solar power bank design, you can ensure robust reverse polarity protection, keeping your devices safe and charged on the go. 

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