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OMRON’s sensor lights – the touchless solution for a safer and more hygienic future!


Monday, February 20, 2023

In today’s world, where health and safety concerns are more important than ever, touchless solutions are becoming increasingly popular in many industries. OMRON has developed a range touch-less sensor lights a perfect example of how technology can be used to provide safer and more hygienic alternatives to traditional products.

OMRON touchless sensors

One of the key features of OMRON’s touchless sensor lights is their advanced optical design, which includes a built-in photomicrosensor, an LED pulse-driven circuit, and an optical lens. This design allows for stable and precise detection of target objects, even in environments where there is an elevated level of external disturbing light. 

There are two main types of touchless sensor lights available from OMRON: light convergent reflective sensors and light diffuse reflective sensors. Light convergent reflective sensors are designed to detect transparent or glossy objects, such as glass plates or low-reflective black objects, while light diffuse reflective sensors are designed to detect distant target objects. 

The light convergent reflective sensor uses an optical design that sets the emitting path toward the detection area to receive regular reflection light from the surface of the object being detected. This design makes it possible to detect low-reflective objects and glossy objects and is ideal for use in applications where objects that should not be detected, such as a background, are behind the sensing object. 

Fig. 1. OMRON's Light Convergent Reflective Sensor Sensing Area Diagram
*Sensing area is limited


Light diffuse reflective sensor sets the emitting beam in parallel to the receiving path, which makes it possible to detect distant target objects. This type of sensor is ideal for use in applications where a wide sensing range is needed, as it can detect objects over a long distance. 

OMRON Light diffuse reflective sensor sensing areaFig. 2. OMRON's Light Diffuse Reflective Sensor Sensing Area Diagram
*Sensing area is not limited

The most popular application of OMRON’s touchless sensor lights is for human hand and body detection. The B5W-LB sensor is designed to detect transparent or glossy objects, making it ideal for use in touchless faucet motion, hand sanitizer dispensers, and automatic deodorizers and sterilizers. These products are commonly found in public places such as airports, hospitals, and shopping centers, where touchless solutions are becoming increasingly important.

OMRON’s Non-contact MEM thermal sensor D6T series is another popular touchless sensor light used for temperature measurement. With a temperature accuracy of ±1.5°C, the D6T sensor guarantees precise temperature measurements, making it ideal for use in medical devices such as body temperature monitoring devices. The sensor is also resistant to external light disturbance, ensuring accurate results every time. 

Finally, OMRON’s B5T series human imaging sensing technology is designed for face detection, body detection, and face recognition. These sensors are commonly used in security systems, where touchless solutions are important to ensure maximum hygiene and safety. The B5T series sensors use a combination of infrared light and optical lenses to accurately detect and recognize human faces, making them ideal for use in security systems in airports, government buildings, and other high-security locations. 

OMRON’s touchless sensor lights are an innovative and practical solution for various industries. The use of these sensors can improve hygiene and safety in public spaces, commercial buildings, and homes. If you are interested in learning more about OMRON’s touchless solutions, IBS Electronics can help. Contact us at [email protected] to speak with our team and find out how OMRON’s sensor lights can benefit your business or project. 

(This Article content originally appeared on OMRON’s Blog)

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