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Obsolete NPN Transistor BC817K from Infineon now from Diotec – available at IBS Electronics | ONE IBS Solutions to Replace Obsolete Components


Thursday, April 26, 2018

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The NPN Silicon AF Transistor BC817K from Diotec in a SOT-23 package is an equivalent substitute for the obsolete BC817K from Infineon. With a power dissipation of 500mW, a high collector current of 500mA, a peak collector current of up to 1A as well as a high current gain between 100 (BC817K-16) and 630 (BC817K-40), measured at 100mA, the BC817K is ideal for all general AF applications.

Files: BC817K / BC818K  Data Sheet

The surface mount transistor has a low collector-emitter saturation voltage of 0,7V, measured with pulses of 300┬Ás and a duty cycle below 2%. Its SOT-23 plastic case is RoHS compliant.

Diotec is a globally recognized manufacturer of semiconductor diodes and rectifiers. Over the last 40 years, Diotec has been highly active and competitive in this component market, providing innovative products and top customer service.

Contact us for more information on the BC817K, or click here to view the data sheet.


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