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Panduit Wire Management Solutions for Aerospace


Thursday, April 2, 2020

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Let Panduit help drive operational productivity to meet your demand

The commercial and military aerospace sectors are experiencing a revitalization. Growing consumer travel, increasing defense budgets, programs for more energy efficient planes, and the simple replacement of aging equipment are all driving demand for aircraft production and putting pressure on suppliers to help airframe manufacturers increase productivity and deliver innovative products.

As a commercial aerospace manufacturer, the success of meeting this demand relies on your ability to:

    1. Decrease assembly time and increase operator efficiency
    2. Consider and evaluate new materials and innovative designs that provide higher efficiency,
    3. lighter weight, and ease of installation
    4. Maximize operational cost-efficiencies to gain more out of your production investments
    5. Meet and exceed strict industry quality, reliability and performance standards

For more than 50 years, Panduit has helped the world’s largest commercial airline manufacturers improve their wire harness assembly, productivity, and lead times with solutions that deliver industry-leading product performance, ergonomics, industry certifications, and product compliance.

With an end-to-end portfolio of industry-compliant wire harnessing solutions, and fiber optic cabling to reduce weight and fuel consumption, Panduit can help keep your aircraft production on time and provide optimum performance.

Products: Securely bundle, connect, organize your electrical systems, and deploy high bandwidth lightweight fiber optical cabling, all available through an unrivaled distribution network

Tools: Increase productivity, provide industry leading ergonomic features, improve product and installer safety, and minimize installation costs

Support: Our value-added expertise helps you specify the right components, and uncover new opportunities for greater production efficiency, product performance and worker safety.

Panduit Enhance Reliability and Reduce Operating Costs infographic.

Airframe pressurized areas.

Airframe non-pressurized areas.

Panduit Cable Ties product features.

Vibration Resistant Design features.

Panduit Cable Accessories and Mounts product features.

Panduit Stainless Steel Cable Ties and Abrasion Protection product features.

Create Greater Efficiencies with Tools.

Panduit certifications, products and solutions, and cross reference information.

Global Aerospace, Support and Aerospace Distribution and Military Aerospace products infographic.

Panduit global locations.

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IBS Global locations.

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