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Protecting Charging Infrastructures and Electric Vehicles Against Lightning Strikes


Monday, March 27, 2023

As electrification of transportation continues to rise, power supply quality (PSQ) has become a major concern, with voltage transients and spikes being one of the most important issues. These electrical disturbances can lead to malfunctions and even damage to sensitive electronic equipment, such as ship automation and control systems.

To protect against these surges and transients, the most effective method is to install surge protection devices. This is especially crucial for power management systems, which can be severely damaged by voltage spikes.

Potential users of plug-in electric vehicles often require public charging facilities before purchasing a vehicle, and they expect the speed of public charging to be like conventional refueling. As a result, research and political interest in public charging have increasingly focused on fast charging options with higher power rates.

Fortunately, Maida has developed a solution to address these challenges protecting charging infrastructures and electric vehicles. To appropriately protect the charging infrastructures and electric vehicles against lightning strikes and transients, surge protection devices should be permanently installed in every distribution substation, charging station, and wall box. Maida recommends the following surge protection devices (SPDs) below for these applications.

TPHE Series

Thermally Protected High Energy (TPHE) Series TPHE Series Surge Protective Device (SPD) line is available in through hole or DINRail construction. TPHE Series is designed to withstand the rigors of UL 1449 4th Edition Type 1 and 2 applications. Maida has 3 TPHE designs with operating voltage range from 150VAC to 680VAC.

MPD Series

The MPD Series is a modular surge protective device (SPD), featuring an IP65 enclosure rating and available with operating voltages of: 120VAC, 277VAC, 347VAC and 480VAC. MPD Series is UL 1449 – Type 4CA recognized and can be connected in series and parallel with the load.

MPDS Series

The MPDS Series is a smaller form factor of our MPD Series, featuring an IP65 enclosure rating. The MPDS Series utilizes metal oxide varistors to provide a protection package for use in many applications. A metal oxide varistor will divert, absorb, and dissipate the energy of a transient. MPDS Series is UL 1449 – Type 4CA/Type5 recognized and can be connected in series and parallel. The MPDS Series is available with operating voltages of: 120VAC, 277VAC, 347VAC, and 480VAC.

Other SPDs'

Suppression of transient surges is achieved using metal oxide varistors (MOV), installed in shunt (or “parallel”) with the AC power lines. Maida has numerous products with high energy dissipation, that can be used to suppress lightning and other high-energy transients found in AC power-line applications. They are equipped to withstand large amounts of energy and divert this potentially destructive energy away from sensitive devices located downstream. Maida’s products, which are also used in DC circuits, come in a variety of forms.

With this series, customers can experience efficient and reliable power delivery, making it an excellent option for their charging infrastructure and EV projects. Upgrade your charging system with Maida and contact our engineers today to learn more about how they can help power your electric future!

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