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Monday, February 12, 2024

The critical need for reliable, safe, and compact connection solutions has never been greater as industrial applications continuously push boundaries. Degson proudly launches its latest innovation: SNAP LOCK Series high Protection Screw Connector engineered with a focus on safety, reliability, and customization, promising to redefine industrial connectivity standards.

Enhanced Safety Features

This series has an over-plastic structure that shields against electric shock adhering to the rigorous standards of the IEC 61800-5-1 5.5mm Safe Finger Protocol. Additionally, select models feature a grounding function, ensuring compliance with first-make-then-break requirements for added protection.

Operating in demanding environments requires components that can withstand the rigors of daily use. The terminal block's four-point contact clamp structure guarantees long-term temperature rise stability and vibration resistance, providing unparalleled durability and reliability.

With Degson's terminal block, users can tailor button positions to their specific requirements, enhancing user experience and interaction. Furthermore, the reduced space footprint offers at least one pitch size reduction compared to traditional designs, maximizing space efficiency within panels.

From low-power to high-power applications, the terminal block accommodates a range of power levels, ensuring seamless integration with diverse industrial setups.

Additional Services for Added Convenience

In addition to its core features, Degson offers supplementary services to streamline operations further. Type printing service facilitates organization with custom labeling, while the fixed foot function prevents movement and adds stability. Visual indication of grounding status through the ground sign ensures safety compliance, offering peace of mind in critical environments.

Contact us today to learn more about Degson's SNAP LOCK Series high Protection Screw Connector and how it can benefit your application.

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