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SWCC SHOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD (Showa Electric): Creating the Future with hope, Ensuring World Credibility


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Established by the Tokyo Electric Corporation (now Toshiba Corporation) in 1936.


Since its establishment in 1936, SWCC SHOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. has contributed to the development of infrastructure in the telecommunications and energy industries, ranking as one of Japan’s top manufacturers of electric wires and cables. Amidst great changes in the economy and in the structure of society, the Company has implemented a program of reorganization and integration for its electrical-wire operations. At the same time, in order to strengthen its corporate foundations, the Company has worked to expand its business and stabilize earnings by focusing investment of management resources on businesses with growth prospects, based on the strategy of shifting away from cable to components, systems and services. This business reorganization culminated in the group’s shift to a holding-company structure on April 1, 2006. The aim of this move is to speed up management decision-making in the face of a rapidly changing business environment and to improve the value of the corporation. This will be achieved through optimizing the deployment of management resources and maximizing the efficient use of assets through application of the principles of selection and concentration and with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Vol.21 SWCC Showa Holdings Co., Ltd.

The future is still unclear, with the acceleration of globalization, stagnation of the world economy and the continuous strengthening of the strong yen ignited by the European debt crisis and the irregular fluctuation of material prices.

Returning to the basic focus that their mission and responsibility is the “Creating for the Future” (creating a better future ), as held up in the mission statement which is also a mission for the SWCC Group of companies, They have newly implemented a new medium-term management plan “GROWTH 2014”.

The management plan consists of three key points, one is to generate profit by expanding the overseas operation in China and Southeast Asia, the second point is to reinforce the operating base within Japan, and the third point is to step up on the development of eco-friendly products that are earth-conscious and will contribute to the Smart City Projects that aim to achieve reassurance / safety and comfort.

Using its core technology, the SWCC Group manufacturers product such as oxygen-free copper, rectangular wires (magnet wires ), high voltage cable, SICONEX for electric appliances, optical fiber, fine coaxial cables, seismic isolators, wire harnesses, heat rollers and copper silver alloy. The companies are active in the fields of energy systems, information and communication systems, lifestyle and environment, and have proven track records of much achievement and innovation.

Within the project of “Smart City” on which world’s attention is being paid, we are confident that the products and the technologies of the SWCC Group of companies can be put to use in a variety of fields, such as the field of system power supply where ongoing efforts are being made in power grid improvement, the field of distributed power supply where interest in solar and wind power generation has been increasing, the field of Factory Energy Management System (FEMS) which improves energy efficiency, the field of railway and automotive, and the field of housing, offices, schools and hospitals.

SWCC shall continue in their efforts to earn the confidence of their stakeholders and customers, strive to create a future with hope, and ensure world credibility, based on our management philosophy of “Trust”.

Energy Systems Field.

Device Field.

Communication Systems Field.

Showa Electric Wire & Cable, design, manufacture, sell, and install the following items:

    • Optical Fiber Cable Installation Equipment
    • Photonics Products (Optical Device, Optical Connector Assembly)
    • Communication Cable
    • Industrial Cable (Assembly)
    • Electrical Device (Delayline, SAW Device)
    • Wireless System
    • Network System
    • Electric Power Cable and related Products
    • System Design and Installation
    • Bare wire, aluminum wire
    • Vibration control system (Seismic isolator)
    • Precision Device (Heat roller)
    • Superconductive wire, etc.

The IBS Electronics Group is an Authorized Franchise Distributor of Showa Electric Cables, offering industry leading distribution and logistic solutions.

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