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Teka Interconnection Systems Cost-Effective Soldering


Thursday, January 25, 2018

        Teka Interconnection Systems

Teka logo.

Teka is a manufacturer of application-specific and industry standard interconnect devices and systems. Other Teka products include high-speed precision stamping, connector manufacturing, and plastic injection molding. Teka’s technology eliminates unnecessary and costly secondary soldering process for PC104 Plus bus and I/O connectors. 

Teka's interconnect connector and header products.

Products Offered:

Surface Mount Connectors Solder Flux Bearing

    • PC Card
    • Compact Flash
    • FibreChannel (GBIC) Straddle Mount Plug
    • Edgemount Headers

Through Hole Connectors Solder Flux Bearing

    • HC Series Headers – .100″ spacing
    • HM Series Headers – 2.0mm spacing
    • PC 104 Receptacle Connectors
    • PC 104 Plus Receptacle Connectors
    • 2.0 mm Low Profile Receptacle Connectors 1-4 row
    • 2.0 mm Stacking Receptacle Connectors 1-4 row
    • FibreChannel (GBIC) Receptacle
    • SCA 2 Receptacles

Standard Connectors

    • Cardedge Connectors
    • Din Connectors
    • Econo Din Connectors
    • PC 104 Plus Receptacle Connectors
    • .100 Box Receptacle, Through Hole and Surface Mount
    • PC Card and CompactFlash Single Sided SMT


    • Solder Flux Bearing Headers
    • Standard Headers

Cost-Effective Soldering:

Teka’s self-soldering connector technology economically attaches solder and flux to each contact lead. This process eliminates costly and flawed soldering methods such as hand, selective, or wave soldering. It also provides a limitless alternative to the intrusive reflow, or “paste in hole” processing. In fact, processing is simple; you can place the connectors on the PCB and reflow soldering on the primary or secondary side, as required for surface-mount components—without the extra solder paste.

Teka also offers a large selection of PC104, plus stack, and non-stackthrough connectors and headers. Additionally, Teka offers shrouded headers, and friction lock headers in straight, right angle, and RoHS compliant configurations.

Teka PC104 connectors and headers.Teka header products.

Order Quality Components:

Other Teka components include their standard technology connectors line, which is comprised of card edge solder dip and wire wrap, box receptacles, din connectors, power connectors, surface mount solder flux bearing, and more. Are you looking for Teka components?

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