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The Evolution of a Giant (Master Electronics) | Real Talk Ft. Riad Nizam | Ep 30


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Join us on this episode of Real Talk with Rob Tavi Ft. Riad Nizam, President of Master Electronics – Family Business Edition! Discover the evolution and history of Master Electronics from a small Rep firm started in 1967 by his father Ike Nizam to a major conglomerate family business today in Electronics Components Distribution. Tune in for insight into today’s distribution, supply chain ecosystem and how Master is mitigating supply chain challenges in the current market conditions!

Master Electronics is a leading global authorized distributor of electronic components. For more than half a century, the family-owned company has remained focused on strong relationships, responsive service and added value. This is how Master Electronics has grown to serve hundreds of thousands of customers in partnership with hundreds of world-class suppliers.

Inspired by their founder’s vision for building a business around personal bonds and integrity, they embrace visionary thinking and prioritize the end goal over short-term wins. Master’s people are empowered to make real-time decisions and place the needs of their customers above all. Master Electronics thrives on collaborating with their customers and suppliers to design creative solutions to their purchasing, supply chain and business challenges. Master’s experience, speed and flexibility let them adapt and innovate which allows companies to bring their vision to life.

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