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Amkor Lights Up Bac Ninh's Economy with $1.6 Billion Chip Factory Launch

Published: 1.22.2024

Bac Ninh Provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Anh Tuan highlighted the significance of Amkor's completion and operational commencement of the semiconductor manufacturing, assembly, and testing plant in the Yen Phong II-C Industrial Park. Despite the challenges faced by Bac Ninh in 2023, the Amkor facility serves as a bright spot for the local economy. 

Secretary Tuan expressed hope that Amkor Group will actively promote and attract more semiconductor manufacturers and chip producers from the United States and South Korea to invest in Bac Ninh, building a semiconductor ecosystem with Amkor at its core. 

He anticipates that Amkor's first "made in Vietnam" products will mark a significant milestone, placing Bac Ninh on the world map for semiconductor component production and serving as a new driving force in the province's high-tech industry development. The provincial leadership pledges to listen and provide the most favorable conditions for Amkor's production and business activities in Bac Ninh. 

Kim Sung Hun, the General Director of Amkor Technology Vietnam, provided information about the establishment, construction, and operational status of the company's plant in Bac Ninh. He also shared the production plans until 2025 and outlined the next phases of the factory's construction. In December 2023, the company successfully produced its first products, currently undergoing testing, and plans to begin mass production in 2024. 

Amkor Technology Vietnam expresses its desire for continued support and collaboration from the Bac Ninh provincial leadership, as well as various agencies and local authorities, to ensure the successful implementation of its production and business plans. The agreement for the semiconductor manufacturing, assembly, and testing project between Bac Ninh province and Amkor Technology was signed in November 2021, with a total investment of USD 1.6 billion and an area of approximately 23 hectares in the Yen Phong II-C Industrial Park. 

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