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Ampleon Explores Potential Tax Advantages in PH to Foster Business Growth

Published: 8.13.2023

Ampleon, the world's third-largest producer of radio frequency (RF) power products, is exploring the tax incentive framework of the Philippines as a means to facilitate expansion of their current operations situated in Laguna.

Based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Ampleon maintains an established manufacturing facility in Cabuyao, Laguna. Presently, this facility relies on 100% renewable energy sources, commencing operations in 2016 and employing approximately 1,100 adept professionals. This site stands as Ampleon's second most pivotal location globally.

Ampleon is actively contemplating the possibility of applying for the incentives presented by the Philippine Corporate Income Tax and Incentives Rationalization Act (CREATE). This initiative extends a noteworthy 5% Special Corporate Income Tax (SCIT) for a decade, substituting all national and local taxes. Furthermore, the company is closely evaluating the Enhanced Deductions (ED) stimulus, entailing a decade-long deduction of up to 70% for qualified expenditures.

The enticement of the Philippines lies in its propitious geographic position, skilled workforce, and competitive tax structures, all of which captivate Ampleon. The company envisions the Philippines as a pivotal manufacturing center for their RF power goods, which find utility across diverse sectors encompassing telecommunications, medical, and defense.

Should Ampleon opt for an expansion of its Philippine activities, this would confer a substantial upswing for the nation's economy. Job creation, technology innovations, and augmentation of government tax earnings would ensue as the company's contributions.

Ampleon's decision to explore potential tax benefits within the Philippines marks a constructive stride for the national economy. This initiative su bstantiates the nation's allure as a compelling destination for foreign investment, potentially catalyzing an influx of corporate investments in the forthcoming times.

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