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Anti-Pollution Group PCAPI Urges Speedy Incentives for Electric Vehicle

Published: 6.30.2023

The Pollution Control Association of The Philippines, Inc. (PCAPI) recognizes the urgent need to combat air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As the transportation sector significantly contributes to air pollution, PCAPI emphasizes the importance of implementing incentives to encourage widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


In response to the growing demand for electric vehicles in the Philippines, Kia, a global automobile manufacturer, aims to increase sales by introducing their range of electric vehicle models in the country. Kia's commitment to sustainable mobility is evident through their electric vehicles, known for their performance, efficiency, and advanced features.


By capitalizing on the increasing interest in cleaner transportation alternatives, Kia aims to reduce carbon emissions, promote energy efficiency, and provide consumers with environmentally friendly options without compromising on style, comfort, and performance.


It aims to capitalize on the country's rising interest in cleaner transportation alternatives. The company's goal is to contribute to reducing carbon emissions, promoting energy efficiency, and providing consumers with environmentally friendly options without compromising on style, comfort, and performance.


Dongfeng Electric Vehicles also sees the opportunity to enter the Philippines market as a pioneer for sustainable transportation options. Dongfeng, a renowned Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, brings with it a wealth of expertise and a diverse lineup of electric vehicle models. 


Dongfeng's entry into the Philippines market not only expands the range of electric vehicle options available to consumers but also promotes healthy competition within the industry. This competition encourages innovation, drives technological advancements, and helps make electric vehicles more affordable and appealing to a broader audience.


The entry of Dongfeng Electric Vehicles and Kia's focus on electric vehicle sales align perfectly with PCAPI's call for incentives. These developments highlight the urgent need for policymakers and governments to implement timely and robust incentives that accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.


The combined efforts of the Anti-Pollution Group PCAPI, Dongfeng Electric Vehicles, and Kia in promoting electric vehicles indicate a promising future for sustainable transportation in the Philippines. By advocating for incentives and facilitating the availability of electric vehicle options, PCAPI, Dongfeng, and Kia actively drive the adoption of electric vehicles, reduce air pollution, and promote a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment.



Through the collaboration among industry players, policymakers, and consumers, the Philippines can create a greener future that prioritizes sustainable transportation and addresses the pressing environmental concerns of our time.

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