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BI Philippines Revolutionizes Entry Procedures with Electronic Service for Foreign Travelers

Published: 7.11.2023

An electronic service (eServices) platform has been introduced by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) for overseas visitors. The website, which had a soft debut in December 2022, enables visitors to apply online for numerous immigration services, such as:


  • Tourist visa application
  • Visa extension
  • Permanent residence application
  • Departure clearance

The BI-ePassport is a major step forward for the Philippines in terms of streamlining its visa and immigration procedures. The platform is easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Travelers can apply for visas, immigration clearances, and extensions of stay online, and they will receive their approval or denial within 24 hours.


The BI-ePassport is expected to significantly reduce the time and hassle of entering the Philippines for foreign travelers. It will also help to improve the Philippines' visa processing reputation, which has been a major obstacle to tourism growth in recent years.


The launch of the BI-ePassport is a positive development for the Philippine economy. It is expected to boost tourism arrivals and foreign investment, and it will help to create jobs in the tourism and hospitality sectors.


Benefits of the eServices Platform

The eServices platform offers a number of benefits for foreign travelers, including:


  • Convenience: Travelers can apply for services from anywhere in the world.
  • Speed: The application process is faster than the traditional paper-based process.
  • Accuracy: The platform helps to ensure that applications are complete and accurate.
  • Security: The platform uses secure encryption to protect personal information.
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