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BMW Unveils Seamless Integration of AR Glasses and Voice Assistant for Hands-Free Driving

Published: 2.21.2024

At CES 2024, BMW showcased its latest innovations in automotive technology, including the unveiling of augmented reality (AR) glasses for driving and a partnership with Amazon for advanced voice assistant capabilities.


The AR glasses offer drivers an exciting glimpse into the future of driving, seamlessly integrating with BMW vehicles to provide enhanced navigation, safety features, and entertainment options. 

Powered by generative AI through the "XREAL Air 2" system, wearers can see navigation instructions, hazard warnings, entertainment content, information on charging stations, and visualizations in parking situations, all seamlessly integrated into the real-world environment. 

Furthering its commitment to hands-free technology, BMW partnered with Amazon to showcase the capabilities of its "LLM" voice assistant. Integrated into BMW's Intelligent Personal Assistant, LLM leverages Alexa's expertise to provide quick, conversational responses to inquiries and even control certain vehicle functions. 

BMW also introduced its teleoperated parking technology, which uses advanced sensors and live camera feeds to remotely guide and park vehicles. This innovative technology has vast potential applications, offering convenient parking solutions for events, airports, and the logistics sector. 

With these groundbreaking advancements, BMW solidified its position at the forefront of automotive innovation. The AR glasses, powerful voice assistant, and intelligent parking technology showcased at CES 2024 paint a picture of a future where driving is safer, more convenient, and truly immersive. 

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