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Bosch Calls for Clear Government Strategies for Hydrogen Technology

Published: 8.21.2023

Bosch, the German multinational firm specializing in engineering and technology, has encouraged the government of Taiwan to provide a clear outline of its hydrogen-related strategies. Andreas Schmidt, the Managing Director of Bosch Taiwan, noted that Taiwan requires additional time to enhance its hydrogen sector.

As reported by DigitimesAsia, Schmidt highlighted Taiwan's robust manufacturing foundation and skilled labor pool, both of which are fundamental for nurturing a hydrogen-based economy. However, he stressed the necessity for the government to clarify its intentions regarding the promotion of hydrogen fuel cells in transportation and power generation.

While the Taiwanese government has expressed support for hydrogen advancement, a comprehensive policy framework has not yet been unveiled. In 2020, a plan was announced to allocate NT$6.75 billion towards hydrogen energy research and development, aimed at realizing the country’s 2050 Net-Zero Emissions Target. However, this plan has still yet to give out explicit details about how the integration of hydrogen across various sectors would be facilitated.

Schmidt affirmed the company’s willingness to collaborate with the Taiwanese government in shaping a hydrogen policy that aligns with the nation's environmental objectives. Given Bosch's substantial investments in technology development, they view hydrogen as pivotal to mitigating climate change and are dedicated to aiding Taiwan's prominence in the hydrogen sector.

Bosch's appeal for the Taiwanese government to articulate its hydrogen policy reflects the growing momentum driving the hydrogen economy's evolution in Taiwan. Major companies such as Toyota and Hyundai are similarly directing investments into hydrogen development for their electric vehicles, highlighting the enthusiasm for this technology's advancement.

The development of the hydrogen economy in Taiwan is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to be a major driver of economic growth and job creation. The government's support for the sector will be crucial for its success.

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