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Canalys expects Mainland China's PC market to grow from Q2 2024

Published: 1.9.2024

In Q3 2023, the PC (desktops, notebooks and workstations) market in Mainland China gradually recovered, with shipments experiencing a 16% year-on-year decline but undergoing a promising 15% sequential increase to reach 11 million units. Desktops (including desktop workstations) spearheaded the rebound with a marginal 9% decrease to 3.4 million units, while notebook (including mobile workstations) shipments dropped by 18% year-on-year to 7.8 million units, reflecting lingering weakness in end-consumer demand. In contrast, the tablet market sustained positive momentum, recording a 16% year-on-year growth to 7.4 million units, fueled by seasonal promotions and digitalization in education and entertainment. 

Canalys projects a year-end decline of 18% in Mainland China's PC market (excluding tablets) in 2023 and a modest 4% growth in 2024. The growth is expected to materialize in Q2 2024 and beyond, benefiting from the further recovery of the commercial sector, driven by significant IT investments from large enterprises in strategic industries. 

In Q3 2023, Lenovo maintained its top position despite a 15% year-on-year decline in the PC shipments. HP took the second position with an 11% market share as the vendor strengthened its commercial product portfolio offerings with its acquisition of Poly. Huawei increased its market share despite a 5% unit drop year-on-year. Dell and Asus secured the fourth and fifth positions, respectively, though both encountered a substantial 36% year-on-year decline. 

In the tablet market, Canalys anticipates a 5% growth for the full year 2023, reaching 28 million units before it stabilizes in 2024. The continuous digitalization trends in learning and working are a driving force for tablet expansion, enabling usage in various life scenarios, including home, school and business environments.  

Apple and Huawei maintained their dominance, with Apple's market share contracting to 31% from 38%. Huawei's market share increased to 24%, driven by proactive product marketing and channel promotion. Xiaomi experienced growth, with its tablet market share expanding from 7% in Q3 2022 to 11%. HONOR and Lenovo completed the top five, although both experienced declines in both market share and shipments. 

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