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Chinese EV Innovators Embrace NVIDIA DRIVE Orin for Automated Driving Technology

Published: 1.17.2024

Four of the biggest electric vehicle brands in China will use NVIDIA’s latest vehicle architecture for their automated driving systems, underscoring the U.S. chip maker's determination to expand in China despite Washington's tighter export rules.  

Chinese automakers Li AutoGreat Wall MotorZeekr and the new EV unit of Chinese telecommunications company Xiaomi will use Nvidia's DRIVE technology to power automated driving, Nvidia said on Monday at the CES technology conference in Las Vegas. 

According to NVIDIA, Li Auto uses the intelligent driving system AD Max on the L series models that have been mass-produced. The platform is equipped with dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin processors. Representative models include Li Auto L7 (parameters | inquiry), L8 and L9. The advantage of NVIDIA's processor solution is that it can fuse and process sensor information in real time, providing sufficient computing power for active safety functions such as full-scene assisted driving, automatic parking and automatic emergency braking (AEB) on ADAS. 

Great Wall Motors will build its self-developed high-end intelligent driving system Coffee Pilot based on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin centralized computing platform. The first model equipped with this solution is planned to be launched in the first half of 2024, and high-end smart driving functions such as urban NOA and cross-level memory parking will be first installed on WEY. 

Zeekr, a subsidiary of Geely Holding Group, also launched the Jikrypton 007 pure electric luxury sedan equipped with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin. Recently, Xiaomi Motors has officially announced its key technologies, but the specific price and pre-sale time have not yet been announced. Xiaomi's first electric car, SU7, will also use dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system-level chips.  

NVIDIA also reflects its willingness to have in-depth cooperative relationships with Chinese car companies. In addition to its gaming business, the rising Chinese electric vehicle market is also a key market for NVIDIA's automotive business. 

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