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Continental & trinamiX Unveil Groundbreaking Face Recognition Car Access System

Published: 2.2.2024

Continental and trinamiX, pioneers in automotive technology, unveiled the future of car access at CES 2024 with the revolutionary "Face Authentication Displayā€¯ replacing traditional key fobs with secure, biometric access, eliminating the need for a physical key to unlock the driver's door.

A high-tech camera discreetly embedded in the B-pillar seamlessly reads the user's facial signature unlocking the vehicle and initiating ignition for a smooth and secure entry made possible by trinamiX's advanced detection functionality,

Continental highlights its ability to detect deceptive tactics such as using photographs or masks to gain unauthorized access. Consequently, the system offers heightened protection, ensuring the integrity of vehicle access against AI-generated images.

Another remarkable aspect of this system is its inclusivity, granting access to family, friends, and children alike. However, a safety feature is included to prevent children from initiating the car's startup using facial recognition.

The hidden cameras integrated into the system provide robust protection against car theft, ensuring that the vehicle can only be started after successful authentication of the individual in the driver's seat. This not only enhances security but also provides convenience, as it can facilitate digital payment processes through the car display during refueling, parking, paying tolls, and even car rentals. Moreover, the technology extends its utility beyond its automotive functions, enabling seamless payments in app stores and access to digital services.

Furthermore, the camera within the system serves the vital function of attentively monitoring the driver to mitigate potential hazards like driver fatigue.

The company has garnered recognition with two CES Innovation Awards, celebrating the excellence of its crystal center display and radar vision parking technologies.

While facial recognition technology in automotive access isn't entirely new, notable implementations have been witnessed previously. Cadillac notably introduced Face ID keyless entry for the XT4 model in China, while Genesis also introduced a similar feature for European-spec GV60 EVs. However, the latest system from Continental emerges as the most advanced and secure iteration of this technology yet.

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