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Decarbonization Success Story with Infineon's Investment in Kulim, Malaysia

Published: 8.12.2023

Infineon released an announcement of its massive expansion in Kulim, surpassing the original €2 billion investment planned for July 2022 and has put the city on the map for green technology and sustainability. 

The additional investment of up to €5 billion during the second construction phase for its third plant (Module Three) will create the world's largest 200-millimeter SiC (silicon carbide) Power Fab upon completion in 2028.

Infineon's decision to heavily invest in the SiC Power Fab stems from the growing demand for silicon carbide in various industries. By adopting silicon carbide as the raw material for its semiconductors, Infineon is producing energy-efficient chips with faster switching, higher efficiency, and increased power density.

This advancement in SiC technology makes it a favored choice for automotive and industrial applications. 

Infineon's ambitious plans in Kulim align with Malaysia's national goal to decarbonize its economy and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim lauds Infineon's vision for green technology and sustainability, seeing it as a natural fit for Malaysia's decarbonization efforts.

The continued faith of Infineon and other renowned German corporations in Malaysia is a testament to the country's new economic growth agenda centered on inclusivity and sustainability.

Zafrul Aziz, Malaysia's Minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry, recognizes the significance of the investment in Malaysia's position as a key player in the global semiconductor ecosystem, especially within the sustainable technology supply chain. The long-term partnership with Infineon reinforces Malaysia's commitment to address climate change's impact and develop a green technology ecosystem.

This mutually beneficial collaboration serves as an example of how companies and nations can work together to achieve shared decarbonization goals and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

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