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Deloitte Launches Atlas AI™ Accelerating Drug Discovery with NVIDIA Partnership

Published: 2.7.2024

Deloitte revealed its latest addition to the Quartz AI™ suite, the Atlas AI™, in collaboration with NVIDIA, marking a significant advancement in the realm of life sciences and healthcare (LSHC). Atlas AI™ emerges as the premier LSHC offering under Quartz, integrating cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize drug discovery processes and expedite the journey from research to market.

Atlas AI™ is a drug discovery accelerator designed to streamline research endeavors and the development of new pharmaceuticals. By harnessing Generative AI models, including BioNeMo, knowledge representation and reasoning, and bespoke protein and chemoinformatics Large Language Models (LLMs), Atlas AI™ advances digital biology, introducing in a new era of AI-driven drug discovery.

Atlas AI™ merges NVIDIA BioNeMo™cloud APIs with Deloitte's proprietary Generative AI models, to pinpoint optimal applications for drugs. Leveraging the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, scientists can engage in immersive, collaborative 3D simulations of drug discovery experiments, facilitating enhanced decision-making processes.

With the introduction of Atlas AI™, Deloitte reaffirms its dedication to the responsible and ethical deployment of AI technologies, guided by its Trustworthy AI™ framework, ensuring the implementation of necessary safeguards to mitigate risks during product development and operation, underscoring Deloitte's commitment to fostering innovation while upholding ethical standards.

As Deloitte continues to expand its Generative AI practice and forge strategic alliances, the launch of Atlas AI™ marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of drug discovery, promising to accelerate the development of life-saving pharmaceuticals and transform the landscape of healthcare and life sciences.

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