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Electronic Assembly UniTFT Display Modules

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY launched EA uniTFT product family with a diagonal screen measurement of 5-10.1 inches at embedded world in Nuremberg. Developed in-house, the new intelligent display modules with object graphics open up a wealth of new options for the user.

Design engineers and systems integrators benefit from considerably shorter development times and gain significantly more flexibility. As a result, the modules open up a whole raft of new options for developers and users.

The new EA uniTFT101 makes it remarkably easy to combine, modify and adapt a great many objects to a particular need. All objects can be positioned, rotated and zoomed in as required on the screen.

Attributes such as transparency and color can be assigned also. Moving objects, too, are now possible for the first time, while the display also offers the option of linking objects to actions.

It couldn’t be easier for design engineers needing to create keys, dials and other control elements and assign specific functions to them. In addition to the screen diagonals of 5 inches, a 10.1-inch diagonal is also now available.

With the use of style sheets, it is also possible to standardize the look of these elements, thereby creating elegant and user-friendly designs. Thanks to Unicode, all fonts of the world can be represented, guaranteeing global application.

Benefits of UniTFT:

– RTC (real time clock)
– 16 digital I/O pins, expandable to 128
– 4 analogue inputs, 12-bit
– PWM output, audio amplifier
– SD-card slot
– analogue video input (NTSC/PAL)
– extremely fast rendering (50fps)
– working at temperatures -20 to +70´C and long-term availability

From programming point of view:

– direct support of bar graphs and pie charts
– vectorised character sets (fully scalable)
– object programming (including variables and calculations)
– support of common files: jpg, png, svg (even transparent) wav, mp3,…
– resistive or multi touch PCAP panel (working even through a 4mm glass)
– development environment for Windows

From the above mentioned it is clear that Uni TFT is ideal for industrial applications, where it´s usually necessary to process various (measured) data and to control various peripherals. In these cases, Uni TFT has a chance to become a main control core and HMI (human-machine interface) of the device.