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Expedera Expands Global Footprint with New Semiconductor IP Design Center in India

Published: 6.27.2024

Expedera Inc, a leading developer of scalable Neural Processing Unit semiconductor intellectual property, has launched a new semiconductor IP design center in Hyderabad, India. This addition broadens their global development network, including sites in Santa Clara (USA), Shanghai, Taipei, Bath (UK), and Singapore.

The decision to open a center in India is driven by the projected increase in semiconductor demand through 2030. Semiconductor Industry Association and Oxford Economics study forecast a significant workforce gap, with the US alone expecting a shortage of 67,000 workers, including technicians, computer scientists, and engineers, by 2030. Globally, this gap could reach 1.4 million workers across the semiconductor industry.

India, known for its rich pool of engineering talent and the government’s commitment to investing $15 billion in the semiconductor sector, is well-positioned to address this talent shortage. Da Chuang, co-founder and CEO of Expedera, noted, "The market growth and the Indian government’s significant investment in the semiconductor industry promise to create a substantial supply of top semiconductor talent."

The Hyderabad center will specialize in edge AI inference, aligning with Expedera's mission to provide high-performance, power-efficient, and cost-effective semiconductor IP solutions. These solutions are designed to be scalable and customizable for a wide range of applications, from edge nodes and smartphones to automotive systems.

Expedera’s Origin Neural Processing Unit products, which will be a primary focus at the Hyderabad center, are acclaimed for their high performance and ease of integration. These products have been validated in third-party silicon and are currently used in over 10 million devices worldwide.

This expansion enhances Expedera's global footprint and underscores India's role as a critical hub for semiconductor research and development. India's rapidly growing semiconductor ecosystem is set to become a center of innovation, making it an attractive destination for high-tech companies aiming to expand their R&D capabilities.

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