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Foxconn Doubles Down on India with New Component Factories

Published: 3.11.2024

Tech giant Foxconn, known for assembling many of Apple's devices, is investing $500 million in two new factories dedicated to producing components in India. This investment adds to the $700 million facility previously announced for assembling iPhones near Bangalore, bringing Foxconn's total commitment in India to over $1.2 billion.

This strategic shift marks a departure from Foxconn's traditional reliance on China for assembling gadgets for Apple and other major brands. The new factories in India are expected to focus on iPhone parts, allowing Foxconn to diversify its production locations nd mitigate potential trade issues between the US and China.

The Indian government's efforts to strengthen the domestic electronics manufacturing industry appear to be yielding results. Foxconn's investment is projected to create a significant number of jobs, with the iPhone plant alone expected to generate approximately 100,000 positions. This influx of investment is likely to attract other companies in the electronics supply chain, further bolstering India's manufacturing capabilities.

Although the specific locations of the two-component factories have not been disclosed, they are anticipated to be situated in southern India, possibly Karnataka, similar to the iPhone assembly plant to streamline logistics and could potentially establish a robust electronics manufacturing hub in the region.

Foxconn's substantial investment in India is advantageous for both parties. India gains a major player in its electronics manufacturing sector, while Foxconn diversifies its operations and reduces potential risks. This development is poised to catalyze further investments, advancing India's ambition to emerge as a global leader in electronics manufacturing.

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