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Frore Systems Raises $80 Million to Revolutionize AI Cooling Solutions

Published: 7.5.2024

Frore Systems, a pioneer in solid-state active cooling technology, has successfully raised $80 million in a Series C funding round. This latest investment, led by Fidelity Management & Research Company and supported by Prosperity7, Mayfield Fund, Clear Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, and other existing investors, brings the company's total funding to $196 million.

At the heart of Frore Systems' innovation is the AirJet Solid-State Active Cooling technology. Unlike traditional cooling methods that rely on bulky and noisy fans, AirJet offers a silent, dustproof, and vibration-free solution. This technology is designed to effectively manage the heat generated by high-performance AI chips, thereby unlocking the full potential of AI platforms across various sectors.

The AirJet modules, including models like the 5C-25, 3C-15, and 2C-10, cater to different heat removal capacities and performance levels. These modules are compact yet powerful, making them ideal for a range of applications from notebooks and network edge gateways to data centers. SmartCow, a notable industry player, has already shown interest in integrating the AirJet PAK series into its Nvidia Jetson Orin system-on-modules.

With the AI computing demand expected to increase by over 300% by 2030, effective thermal management solutions are more critical than ever. The $80 million funding will enable Frore Systems to ramp up production and develop new products to address these needs. By ensuring devices remain cool without performance throttling, AirJet technology is poised to set new standards in the industry.

Frore Systems' advancements in thermal management have significant implications for the AI industry. Effective cooling is essential for optimizing the performance of AI platforms, particularly those handling intense workloads. Patrick Moorhead, CEO of Moor Insights & Strategy, emphasized that heat is the biggest hurdle in computing, and Frore Systems' AirJet chip doubles active heat removal while remaining thin, light, and efficient.

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