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Geely and NIO Partner on Battery Swapping in Hangzhou

Published: 12.3.2023

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely) and NIO Holding (NIO) have signed a strategic partnership agreement on battery swapping in Hangzhou, China. The agreement will see the two companies cooperate on battery standards, technology, network expansion and operation, swappable model development, and asset management.

The two companies will also explore opportunities to develop common battery-swapping standards to ensure that the stations are compatible with a wide range of EVs. They plan to collaborate on the development of new battery-swapping technology to reduce charging times and increase range anxiety.

The goal is to have a network of 100 battery-swapping stations in Hangzhou by 2025 and will also explore opportunities to expand the network to other cities in China.

In addition, Geely and NIO will work together to develop swappable models. These are EVs that are specifically designed for battery swapping. Swappable models will have standardized battery packs that can be easily swapped in and out of battery-swapping stations.

The partnership between Geely and NIO is a major step forward for battery swapping in China. It is expected to accelerate the adoption of EVs and help to reduce China's carbon emissions.

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