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Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Shows Signs of Recovery

Published: 2.21.2024

The global semiconductor manufacturing industry is showing promising signs of recovery, with electronics and integrated circuit (IC) sales increasing in the final quarter of 2023. According to Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), this trend is expected to continue into 2024. 

In its Semiconductor Manufacturing Monitor 4Q 2023 report, SEMI revealed that electronics sales experienced a 1% y-o-y increase, marking the first annual rise since the 2H of 2022 suggesting a positive shift in the market. Furthermore, SEMI projects a 3% y-o-y increase in electronics sales for the 1Q of 2024, indicating sustained growth in the sector. 

Simultaneously, IC sales saw a significant improvement, with a 10% y-o-y jump in the fourth quarter of 2023 attributed to increased demand and the normalization of inventories. The return to growth in IC sales is a positive indicator for the semiconductor industry, signaling a potential rebound from the challenges faced in previous quarters. 

The positive outlook for the semiconductor industry is supported by various factors, including the increasing demand for electronics across industries and the ongoing digital transformation. 

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