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GlobalFoundries and Lockheed Martin Partner to Develop Chip Supply for Defense Systems

Published: 6.22.2023

GlobalFoundries and Lockheed Martin have announced a partnership aimed at securing a domestic semiconductor supply for defense systems. The collaboration addresses the concerns regarding the global semiconductor shortage and the need for a reliable supply chain in the defense sector. 

GlobalFoundries' advanced manufacturing facilities, combined with Lockheed Martin's defense technology expertise, will work towards ensuring a resilient supply of semiconductors tailored for defense applications. By reducing reliance on foreign sources, mitigating supply chain risks, and accelerating the deployment of advanced defense systems, this partnership strengthens national security and reinforces the nation's commitment to technological leadership.

The current semiconductor shortage has impacted various industries, including the defense sector, highlighting the need for a dependable and self-sufficient supply chain. Defense systems rely heavily on semiconductors for critical functions such as communication, radar systems, advanced weaponry, and cybersecurity. 

The partnership between GlobalFoundries and Lockheed Martin is a significant step towards ensuring that the U.S. has a secure and reliable supply of semiconductors for its defense systems. The collaboration brings together two leading companies with complementary expertise, and it has the potential to make a significant contribution to national security.

The partnership is a welcome development, and it is a sign that the U.S. is taking steps to address the challenges of the global semiconductor shortage. 

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