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Healthcare Giants Back Biden's AI Safety Pledge

Published: 12.18.2023

Twenty-eight major healthcare companies, including CVS Health, have pledged their support for U.S. President Joe Biden's voluntary commitments to ensure the safe and responsible development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector. This announcement comes amidst growing concerns about AI's potential risks and ethical implications, particularly in sensitive areas like healthcare.

The White House official confirmed the news on Thursday, highlighting these companies’ significant role in shaping the future of AI in healthcare.

The Biden administration has been actively pushing for safeguards around AI, particularly in the absence of comprehensive federal legislation. President Biden's executive order issued in October 2023 requires developers to share safety test results of potentially high-risk AI systems with the government before public release.

With healthcare companies now joining, it's clear that the conversation around responsible AI is gaining momentum. This is a positive development that could pave the way for a future where AI serves as a powerful tool for good in healthcare, while also safeguarding patient well-being and upholding ethical principles.

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