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High Power ELCON Connectors

AMP & ELCON Power Connectors & Interconnection Systems.TE Connectivity’s ELCON High Power Connectors provide high current per contact and support different currents with multiple combinations of different size wire and various configurations. For years, TE Connectivity has pioneered the development of new power interconnect technologies. As the industry leader in Power Interconnects, TE Connectivity produces power connectors used in laptops through super computers, automobiles, telecommunications base stations, consumer appliances, power utility, industrial controls, locomotives and many other applications. Through its Elcon line of power connectors, TE Connectivity offers world leading technologies in high current, hot plug power interconnect systems for a wide array of high-reliability, high-availability mission critical applications. Either through one of the many standard Elcon products or an application-specific design, Tyco Electronics can meet practically any high current interconnection requirement for power delivery systems where 100% availability and reliability is a must and not an option.

ELCON drawer interconnects are proven high-power drawer connectors that offer ultimate customization for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and wire-to-busbar configurations at up to 200A per contact. TE Connectivity’s extensive portfolio features different housing and contact options to mix-and-match to create the right solution for virtually any power drawer need. TE Connectivity’s ELCON power connectors feature a small form-factor and support higher currents than similar sized solutions. These power interconnects provide confidence in system performance with their low resistance and highly reliable interface.

  • Data communications
  • Wireless
  • Data centers including OCP switches
  • High performance computing
  • Storage
  • Industrial power
  • Commercial and higher-power appliances
  • Any low-profile power distribution units requiring small form factor connector with high current