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Honda and IBM Partner for Pioneering Semiconductor and Software Technologies for Future Vehicles

Published: 6.13.2024

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and IBM have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on the long-term joint research and development of semiconductor chips and software technologies for future software-defined vehicles to tackle the complex challenges associated with processing performance, power consumption, and design intricacies that are expected to arise with the evolution of SDVs.

The Vision for Future Mobility

As the automotive industry gears up for a future dominated by smart and connected vehicles, the integration of advanced intelligence and AI technologies is expected to surge by 2030. Honda and IBM recognize that SDVs will require semiconductors with unprecedented processing performance and efficiency, far surpassing the capabilities needed for current vehicles. The collaboration focuses on developing specialized semiconductor technologies, such as brain-inspired computing and chiplet technologies, which promise to enhance processing power while reducing energy consumption.

Key Areas of Research

The MOU outlines several critical areas for potential joint research:

  1. Brain-Inspired Computing: Involves developing computer architectures and algorithms that mimic the brain's structure and functions, optimized for silicon. This approach aims to significantly improve processing performance and reduce power consumption.
  2. Chiplet Technologies: By exploring modular semiconductor components that can be combined, the partnership aims to improve performance and efficiency.
  3. Hardware and Software Co-optimization: Ensuring high performance and quick market readiness by managing the increased design complexity of SDVs through co-optimization of hardware and software.
  4. Open and Flexible Software Solutions: Developing software solutions that are adaptable and scalable to meet the demands of future SDVs.

This collaboration marks a strategic move for both Honda and IBM, positioning them at the forefront of automotive innovation. The initiative aims to create SDVs with world-class computing capabilities and power efficiency, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Honda's commitment to this venture comes amid a challenging market environment, particularly in China, where the company faces intense competition from lower-priced local vehicles. This partnership with IBM reflects Honda's proactive approach to overcoming these challenges by investing in advanced technologies and innovation.

Through this partnership, Honda and IBM are poised to develop SDVs that not only meet but exceed the technological demands of future mobility solutions. This collaboration represents a significant step towards realizing highly competitive, energy-efficient vehicles, potentially setting new standards for the automotive and technology sectors.

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